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Durham Alumni
The Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on September 12, 1921, as a result of the spearheading efforts of Leo Bruce, C.O. Pearson, Lee Bynum and A. Moore Shearin, all former members of the Delta Chapter at Wilberforce University. The Durham (NC) Alumni was the first graduate fraternity in the City of Durham.

 The charter members of the Chapter were Thomas Tinsley, a Physician; W. M. Studwick, a Physician; T.D. Parham, A Businessman; Charles Shepard, a Physician; T. Gatling, a Physician; A. S. Nurse, a Physician; D. Joyner, a Physician; A. Hunter, a Dentist; John Avery, a Professor; William Wilson, a former U.S. Army Lieutenant; John Dyer, a Bookkeeper at North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Real Estate Agency.

 Approximately two years after the Chapter was organized, the following outstanding citizens of Durham were initiated into or affiliated with the Chapter; James Edward Shepard, Founder and First President of North Carolina College at Durham (now North Carolina Central University); W. G. Pearson, a pioneer in Business, Masonic Fraternalism and Education; C. C. Spaulding and E.R. Merrick, pioneers in Business.

For a list of our current officers, use this link: Officers