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Durham Alumni

The Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on September 12, 1921, as a result of the spearheading efforts of Leo Bruce, C.O. Pearson, Lee Bynum and A. Moore Shearin, all former members of the Delta Chapter at Wilberforce University. The Durham (NC) Alumni was the first graduate fraternity in the City of Durham.


 The charter line of the Chapter were Thomas Tinsley, a Physician; W. M. Studwick, a Physician; T.D. Parham, A Businessman; Charles Shepard, a Physician; T. Gatling, a Physician; A. S. Nurse, a Physician; D. Joyner, a Physician; A. Hunter, a Dentist; John Avery, a Professor; William Wilson, a former U.S. Army Lieutenant; John Dyer, a Bookkeeper at North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company Real Estate Agency.


 Approximately two years after the Chapter was organized, the following outstanding citizens of Durham were initiated into or affiliated with the Chapter; James Edward Shepard, Founder and First President of North Carolina College at Durham (now North Carolina Central University); W. G. Pearson, a pioneer in Business, Masonic Fraternalism and Education; C. C. Spaulding and E.R. Merrick, pioneers in Business. James E. Shepard - Ph.D; founder and first President of North Carolina College at Durham, which is currently known as North Carolina Central University

For a list of our current officers, use this link: Officers

Charter Members

1. Mr. Leo Bruce - Delta Initiated 1918. Chapter Invisible 4/7/1948

2. C.O. Pearson - Delta Initiated 1921. Chapter Invisible

3. Lee Bynum - Delta Initiated. Chapter Invisible

4. A. Morre Shearin - Delta Initiated 1918. Chapter Invisible 03/19/196


Charter Line

1. Thomas Tinsley

2. W. M. Studwick

3. T. D Parham

4. Charles Shepard

5. T. Gatling

6. A. S. Nurse

7. D. Joyner

8. A. Hunter

9. John Avery

10. William Wilson

11. John Dyer.

Achieving Brothers


Some nationally known members of the Chapter are:

  1. A. Moore Shearin, Past Grand Polemarch

  2. James T. Hawkins, Past Senior Grand Vice-Polemarch

  3. J.J. Henderson, Past Board of Directors Member,

  4. Past Grand Keeper of Records and Exchequer, and Laurel Wreath Laureate

  5. J.M. Hubbard, Past Southeastern Province Polemarch

  6. C.C. Spaulding, President of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company (the world's largest Black Financial Institution), and Laurel Wreath Laureate

  7. Frank G. Burnett, Past Middle Eastern Province Polemarch

  8. Attorney C.O. Pearson, Civil Rights Pioneer and Director of Region 3 (Province 1. 1. Polemarch)

  9. John L. Stewart, recipient of a Journalistic Award at the 58th Grand Chapter Meeting in Miami, Florida

  10. Lenzie G. Barnes, Elder Watson Diggs Awardee

  11. Randal M. Rogers, Past Middle Eastern Province Polemarch

  12. Ronald O. Rohadfox, CEO of Construction Control Services, Corp.

  13. Charles Johnson, MD, Past President of the National Black Medical Association

  14. Joseph King Davis, Jr., Past Middle Eastern Province Keeper of Records and Exchequer, and the Immediate Past Middle Eastern Province Polemarch.



J.J. "Babe" Henderson succeeded A. Moore Shearin in 1934 as Keeper of Records of the Chapter. After serving in this post for twenty-five years he was elected Polemarch of the Chapter, the office he held from 1960 to 1974. He was subsequently honored as Polemarch-Emeritus of the Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter.

Throughout the years, the Chapter has engaged in a variety of worthwhile endeavors. It has conducted the Guide Right Program since its inception; entertained the Grand Chapter Conclave in 1929; sponsored the establishment of the Alpha Kappa Chapter at North Carolina Central
University, the Theta Omicron Chapter at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Iota Xi Chapter at Duke University; aided in the development of high school men by
sponsoring the Beautillion Militaire Leadership Training and Scholarship Program; contributed
to the development of elementary students through the Little Brothers Program and Brother to Brother; hosted the Annual Middle Eastern Province Council Meeting on several occasions; and supported a multitude of civic endeavors and service projects in the Durham Community.

On June 4, 2011, the Durham (NC) Alumni Chapter hosted its 90th Anniversary celebration and the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Centennial Gala Celebration at the Washington Duke Inn. In a packed room, Brother Dr. Eric J. Becoats, Superintendent of Durham Public Schools discussed the link between quality education and the future of Kappa Alpha Psi. The Chapter is looking forward to celebrating its Centennial in 2021.

Individual members of the Chapter, from its inception to the present day, find themselves
represented in all professions and engaged in all aspects of human endeavors that constitute life
and living in the Research Triangle Park Area.

Kappa Alpha Psi Coatof Arms
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